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Sunday Worship @ 10:30 AM & 5:30 PM

Teen Ministry

Wednesday Night 6:30 to 8:00pm is the major gathering for our Teenagers at BABC. The teens enjoy hanging out with other like minded peers, and learning foundational truths from Godís Word. This meeting is geared toward helping teens deal with the issues that they face every day by teaching them what Godís Word says about Holy Living in an unholy world.

Teen Summer Camp is one of the highlights the year for Brush Arbor Teens. Our teens will be attending The Wilds Camp in  Brevard, NC in summer 2018. We feel that it is important for a teenager to find at least one week of their summer as a chance to spiritually recharge for the school year to come.

Teen Fundraisers such as car washes happen monthly to help our teens earn money to go to camp and to participate in other activities without putting any strain on parents. The fundraiser money is kept in individual accounts for the teens at the church and can be used when it is needed to participate in activities.

Sunday School Classes are held for our Teens every Sunday Morning at 9:30 AM. The teens will meet in the library before being dismissed to their individual classes. Stop by the auditorium lobby for assistance and directions.

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*All teen ministry workers have met the necessary background checks before serving in the church ministry.